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Maggy Testimonial

She told me to use what I had already, it was just a matter of placement! The plan was complete, so I could do this on my own time. The place looks great thanks to Donya.





I just got back from a trip to Africa, Donya  designed a new floor plan using the furniture
I already had, featuring my choice photos from Africa, added paint, color, some  accessories and WOW!! Looking forward to the next room.



Brenda Testimonial


          Rosemary and Bob Testimonial

Donya, Every time I walk into my kitchen, I still can't believe it's mine! Love the color combinations, and timeless design. Thanks so much!

Rosemary & Bob





Starting January 2019...New Email:


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Carol Testimonial



Donya, thank you so much for all
your wonderful ideas and personal attention. without you my home improvements would still be just vague ideas in my head



  Sue Testimonial 

I was so thrilled with my "Street of Dreams" bedroom, that Donya has helped me with my entire home. She was key to the design of our summer cabin. She's so talented and fun  to work with. Here's to the next project!  



Cheri Testimonial

Donya's plan was everything we hoped for! She helped furnish my entire home and saved us $3,000 because of her shared discount. We could not have done it without her. She's great!!