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Donya Sewing

Grunt work is $40 per hour, painting, sewing, assembly, etc...

Rates and Services

Complimentary Design Assessment

This is the time we get to know one another and talk about your project.
If we decide to work together, the Design Options are below.

On-Site Consultation/Hourly:

Pro-rated in 15 minute increments, based on $125 per hour.

On-site, in studio or electronic consultation. Such as paint maps, rearrangement, overall suggestions, Skype consults and shopping together with the designer.

Half-hour minimum.

Complete Design Package:

Design Retainer, estimate provided...Designer shops for you.

We meet and talk about your desires for the space. The design and concept is done in the studio and reviewed at your home. You will be shown photos and samples of materials you need for the project. Upon your approval, shopping is done through the designer. Designer manages all aspects of the project.

Installation is done as we go
or as a reveal.

Sofa Image

Design Rate Chart


Do-It-Yourself Design Plan:

Design Time, estimate provided...
shopping on your own.

A custom designed project book includes: Your written concept and design suggestions, color sample shopping cards, floor plan with measurements, paint map, sketches. Included are example photos of most/all the items that your looking for and a list of stores that apply to your style and budget. Use your own contractors or those we send your way.

Other shopping options available if you desire.

Plans are tailor made for you.
An estimate of design time
will be established at
The Design Assessment

before we proceed.